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Amazing food as a Source of Substance Iodine

Iodine is one of the minerals that are needed for thyroid function in the body. Iodine substances contained in food has a very good influence on the condition of mental health and our body such example is due to depression, stress to various other diseases. In general, iodine can be found easily on the ingredient, as salt. Perhaps you are already familiar with these herbs. Like in our time you cook without salt making tasteless as well as with the body without iodine. Iodine is greatly needed by the body, but if excessive will also be able affect not good especially if experienced by children. Have you ever found someone, especially children get sick mumps, it is one that shows that he is iodine deficiency.

In every day, every person is recommended to consume iodine approximately 150mcg. But unfortunately not everyone like to eat iodine. So therefore the following we will present an overview of the amazing food as a source of iodine you can consume as a salt substitute and meets iodine in the body, including the following!

Amazing food as a Source of Substance Iodine

One of the foods that can be a source of iodine you can eat is cheese. Cheese is already very known by its benefits cheese that contains protein and vitamin B. In addition, the cheese could also be a substitute for zinc salt Zodium. The content of iodine in the cheese as much as 15mcg in each cut. Well for those of you who like the cheese was very lucky because it is not only to meet the needs of Zodium substances, but also other benefits for health.

In addition to cheese, potatoes also are foods that contain substances Zodium. By eating potatoes every routine can meet the needs of approximately 60 mcg of iodine. But to get the maximum results, choose potatoes that really cent for such as organic potatoes.

Seaweed turned out to be one of the foods rich in iodine. In addition seaweed is also rich in minerals that are good for our bodies. In addition seaweed is also one as a source of food which contain substances Zodium very good compared to other types of makanna. One teaspoon of seaweed in it contains about 2.000mcg iodine. You can eat them with a simple way that is mixed in salads or with other food forms.

Jyang Last foods can contain very many sources of iodine are fish fod. Perhaps you are not familiar with this one species of fish. The seafood is often known by the term seafood is also one of the foods rich in iodine, and one type of fish being good sources of iodine are a codfish. This type of fish low in calories, a good source of vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and certainly iodine. Cod contains about 99mcg of iodine, it means that they can meet the needs of iodine in our bodies as much as 60%. So that's why from now on eating foods like codfish. Indeed, for this fish is very difficult to find but you need not worry. Because they can still eat food as described above.
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